Good News!

Van Buren Youth Camp will be open for traditional summer Camp program in 2022.  Obviously we will continue to monitor Michigan and surrounding states as we move through winter and into spring.  And the ultimate decision on offering summer program lies with the Michigan and Van Buren County Health Departments when the time comes.  As the Board of Directors has asked us to move ahead as if Covid-19 will not have the same impact as the last two summers, we will continue to make plans and have our Plan B ready just in case.

Our schedule will be very similar to the traditional schedule you see on the website with the exception of meal times.  We will most likely continue to dine outside and spend a majority of our time in classes and activities outside as well.  This is pure summer enjoyment in Michigan anyway.  As we move into traditional camper sessions outside of Counselor training we will consider dining indoors again for ease of kitchen operation.  We will just see how it goes.  We’ve really grown to enjoy the meal time in the Rec Area but know the campers and counselors miss the lodge dining hall and easy access to the “cows”.

As always, we will do everything with the health and safety of your children, our counselors and staff, in mind.   The current CDC guidelines and ACA (American Camp Association) Field Guide will lead us through updating our Covid 19 Preparedness and Response Plan which will include updates to our Healthcare policy.  This information will be communicated with all parents, posted to our website, and emailed  as we prepare Camp to open in the coming months.

VBYC Ambassadors and their families will continue to be an integral part of how we move forward and help us to consider all facets of the program and logistics.  This is a cross generational group of campers, counselors, staff, alumni, camper parents, and board members.

We have not yet made an official announcement but it would be our hope all that all people on site this summer that are eligible to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will be.  That is our best route forward to a safe, wonderful, and healthy summer for everyone.  All staff and counselors will be required to be fully vaccinated prior to the first session of camp.

All questions are welcome…for the healthcare people out there, this document is definitely not ready to be reviewed by our physician of record or health officers yet so please be kind.  🙂  And by all means, share your thoughts with us if you would like to help finalize this document for physician review.

in the spirit of Camp-