Leadership campers smile on their way to the dinner line.
Campers pose for a photo in the bleachers

Being ourselves, together.

Since 1950, Van Buren Youth Camp has helped young people discover themselves, grow as individuals and develop leadership skills. Campers build self-confidence, positive relationships, personal integrity and individual and group responsibility. VBYC is all about leadership, fellowship, creativity and fun!  We use our core values of Leadership, Inclusion, Integrity, Service, Camper First, Commitment, Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork, and Friendship to build an intentional and all encompassing program.  Recognizing and encouraging Camper/Staff behavior that represents these values is a large part of our Leadership and Counselor training each season.

VBYC is a residential, co-ed camp on the shores of Great Bear Lake.  Nestled in western Michigan’s fruit belt, VBYC is home to rolling hills, endless trees, rustic cabins, and varied recreation and communal areas.

We welcome all campers, ages six to eighteen, without regard to gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious, economic, or cultural background.  As we learn and grow as an organization, we are working towards a more inclusive environment for all in the way we organize cabin assignments, pod creation, and showering/changing spaces.

Camp exists outside of social divisions and cultural expectations. Removed from our everyday lives, we are free to transcend cliques and create our own culture, one of games, skits, projects, songs, kissing Cleo the Moose, teamwork and community service.

VBYC is a place where all children can be themselves – free to be who they are, free to discover their innate talents, free to explore, grow and learn. Campers can try new things in a safe, supportive and caring atmosphere.

Friendships and memories made at Camp last forever. Regardless of the careers our Alumni choose; they provide quiet leadership and positive role models for others each and every day. They embody the ideals and values learned at VBYC when becoming positive, contributing, involved members of their communities. And that keeps the Spirit of Camp alive throughout the generations.

Come join us for what promises to be a wonderful, fun-filled, life-changing experience!