Large Group Activities

Evening rec (capture the flag, beach parties, folk dancing), campfire, meditation ceremony, trail day, etc. The entire camp participates together in these activities.


These are the traditional activities we think of when we think of summer camp: archery, swimming, arts and crafts etc. Campers attend classes each day with their cabin group, and have the chance to try every class by the end of the week. See full class list.

Free Time

Campers choose from a variety of offerings led by the staff, from games like Four-Square, roof ball, and frisbee golf, from traditional sports like soccer and basketball, to telling stories, creating skits, flying kites, and scavenger hunts. When the store is open campers may buy treats and souvenirs.

There is always time in between activities to allow campers to relax and hang out. Sometimes these moments of relaxation spark new friendships and make lasting memories.


Camp is full of traditions that brings campers back every summer. Here are a few:

  • Special Day. A day-long participatory skit during which the campers help the visiting heroes save Camp from villains, who often want to turn camp into a parking lot. These are epic. Alumni remember Special Days for decades.
  • Camp Songs. Camp has a song for every situation!
  • Kissing the Moose. Don’t get caught eating with your elbows on the table!
  • Honor Cabin. Campers earn tokens for their cabin by doing all manner of silly things.
  • Jumping in the Lake. Receive five pieces of mail and you have to (get to!) jump in the lake!


See our Typical Day page to learn about the rest.