Kellan — My favorite place at camp is the lake and I love kayaking!

Harper (He/Him)

Harper (He/Him) — My favorite dance is Footloose and I love making new friends and trying new activities at camp!

Wen (she/they)

Wen (she/they) — I love camp because of the friendships I build and just the feeling of a second home. I can go to camp and forget about everything that's happening in my life and just be able to live and have the time of my life.


Tega — I like many different and unique camp songs!


Z — I love counseling because it feels good to be a good role model for other youth members and I get a sense of fulfillment from it knowing that I'm helping kids have a great camp experience.

Lou (She/They)

Lou (She/They) — I am a counselor so I can do my best to give my campers the best camp experience possible

Tess (she/her)

Tess (she/her) — I love making new friends and new memories at camp! Counseling is so fun because I am able to meet new amazing kids and share with them my love for camp.

Ben (he/him)

Ben (he/him) — My favorite place at camp is Cabin Row and I love camp because it’s fun and you get to meet new people and make a lot of friends

Avery (He/They)

Avery (He/They) — I want to be a role model. I want to make other kids feel as welcome as I was the first day I walked on to this camp. I want kids to not feel like they are “different” at camp. I want them to feel like that this is a place they can go to get away from any problems they have in other places, and put their minds at peace. I want to spread love throughout camp just as much as it did for me.

London (She/her)

London (She/her) — My favorite place at camp is the Bowl and I love camp because I get to meet so many different friends and be in a safe community.


Lucky — I love being at camp and spreading the camp love.


Peter — I am a counselor because I was a camper for so long. Now it’s my turn to make everyone as happy as it makes me.


Jayden — I love camp because I love meeting all sorts of new people. Being a counselor helps me get out of my comfort zone.

Penn (Any pronouns)

Penn (Any pronouns) — I love camp because I love the people! I like meeting and making friends with a bunch of new people over the course of the week, and I keep track of some of the most memorable things they say in a little notebook.


Sasha — I love camp because I get to be myself and don't have to be perfect for anyone and people look up to me.

Elizabeth (she/her)

Elizabeth (she/her) — I love being a counselor and helping campers experience the camp magic.


Zada — I love being a counselor because I love the different kids I get to meet and help have an amazing time at camp and leave with the best possible memories.

Elliot (He/Him)

Elliot (He/Him) — I love camp because it is just pure raw fun with nothing to worry about except leaving. Being a counselor is great because I love working with kids and seeing the big smiles.


Carlene — I grew up going to camp and I am the 4th generation! As a counselor, I love being a role model for the campers.


Taylor — My favorite camp song is Tommy Toad. I love helping campers have the best camp experience!


Julia — I get to completely be myself at camp. Being a counselor means I get to be someone to look up to for little campers like my counselors were for me.


ElleMarie — I love camp because it's fun making so many friends and teaching kids!

Avalin (she/her)

Avalin (she/her) — Camp is a home away from home, being with all my friends and in nature all summer is my favorite thing about it. I love making a difference in kids lives whether that’s teaching them new camp songs or helping them be more open and comfortable with themselves!


Esé — Getting to connect with new people at camp is my favorite part!

Mar (She/They)

Mar (She/They) — I love camp because it is a very open place where you don’t have to keep a wall up and shut people out. You can truly be your true self and be accepted. I love to counsel because it is so rewarding to see kids running around with huge smiles on their faces. I also love to learn about the kids and hear the stories they have to share

Patrick (he/him)

Patrick (he/him) — Things I love about camp include the environment, both literal and social, the food, the people, and the free spiritedness. I'm a counselor so I can teach campers lessons and values i wish i had known at their age.

Annie (she/her)

Annie (she/her)

Fiona (she/her)

Fiona (she/her) — I love the general environment of camp. I find it the most relaxing place on earth.

Mccaylee (She/Her)

Mccaylee (She/Her) — When I'm at camp, I always make a lot of friends and meet a lot of cool people along the way. I want to make sure new campers feel welcomed and get the same experience I had.

Kit (They/Them)

Kit (They/Them) — I love the fun people you meet, and the super fun activities! I also love getting to help out younger kids with their camp experience!


Maddy — Favorite place at camp - The craft hut. Favorite camp activity - Water sports or campfire. Favorite camp dance - Cotton Eyed Joe

Nola (any pronouns)

Nola (any pronouns) — It's a fun and welcoming place where you get to meet new people and make tons of new friends.

Emma (she/her)

Emma (she/her) — Camp is a fun and welcoming place where you get to meet new people and make tons of new friends.



Mo (She/Her)

Mo (She/Her) — Camp is a place where anyone no matter what race, age, gender, orientation, etc. you are everyone is accepted and truly has a safe space. I love giving back to kids because I loved hanging around the “older kids” when I was younger and I want to provide that same feeling. I also am thinking about becoming a teacher when I grow up so it gives me lots of experience.

Ally (any pronouns)

Ally (any pronouns) — I love camp because of all the people and you get to be yourself here. Counseling is awesome because you get see kids fall in love with camp!