Board of Directors

The board is elected by the supporters of Van Buren Youth Camp. Their role is to serve as the policy-making body of the Camp. They hire the Camp Director and oversee the general operation of the Camp and facilities.

The board helps generate funds by sponsoring projects and fundraisers. These funds are used to make physical improvements to the Camp facilities and to help with major undertakings, such as land acquisition.


The Director oversees the summer camp program, staff hiring, camper enrollment, marketing, and facilities rental. They guide and manage Camp operations, train and develop the staff, and provide leadership throughout the year. The Director ensures VBYC complies with  American Camp Association, State of Michigan, and other requirements for accreditation.
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Hired by the directors, these folks run the daily program. They are often former VBYC counselors and have received a week of training as a Staff In Training (SIT) where they work alongside the current staff. Once hired, they receive 2-3 weekend training sessions plus a full week of training prior to the summer camping season.

Staff members with specialized classes receive training in their prospective area (i.e. Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Certification, Low Ropes, Archery and Riflery.) Other than kitchen staff, staff members are at least 18 years of age and are generally college students. Each staff member teaches class three times a day.

They are present for and oversee all camper activities. These people love being around kids, are loaded with enthusiasm, compassion, endurance, and are recreation specialists!

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Head Counselor

This is a staff member who recruits, trains and provides support to our counselors. They are experienced staff members and are an expert counselor themselves. They are also an expert problem-solver and trouble-shooter. They meet with the counselors daily. They provide a half-day training and orientation on the counselor’s first day as well as leading the Counselor Training at the Leadership Workshop.


These person’s sole responsibility is to their kids safety and fun. They are selected from our Leadership Workshop which is the first week of every summer, or they have equivalent experience. They are screened through personal interviews, performance at the Leadership Workshop, previous counseling experience, and personal references. Each counselor is in charge of a cabin of eight campers. They are with their campers at classes, meals, sleeping in the cabin, and planning sessions. They foster unity, trust & friendship, and responsibility in their cabin. They are ages 15 on up.

All about the Counselors. Meet the Counselors.

Health Officer

A full time health officer, nurse, or doctor lives at Camp. A health screening is completed upon arrival at VBYC when your child’s health history will be reviewed and a visual observation will be completed. The health officer administers all medications and keeps medications under locked storage.  They are also advise the Camp Director on activities or situations which could create unsafe or unhealthy circumstances like when it is too hot to be outside or too cold to be in the water.