Working with the kids to plan leadership always inspires me to try harder to be the best me that I can. Whenever I stop to consider who would make good speakers, I think about my circle of friends and acquaintances and realize again how lucky I am to have lived the life I live.   I have met some pretty amazing people through my work at VBYC, my half lifetime in the restaurant business, and catering for folks.  In my part time gig as an event planner, I get to meet someone new every day and it is awesome when that network of connections begins to grow and the two worlds overlap.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive to have made these connections and met so many amazing people…not only in my camp career but my personal and professional life all around. I have made some of my best friendships working at Van Buren Youth Camp.  Incredible and talented souls have touched this place and left their mark.   Once in a lifetime experiences happen every single season…and in the between times, too.   My take away?  Never underestimate your power to impact those around you in big and small ways.   Camp is a ripple effect that touches peoples lives and the impact can be felt for years and generations.

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