• Have your camper pack their bags with you so that they know where each item is located.
  • Label everything with your camper’s last name. Lost and found is accessible daily for the campers and put out for families to see at the end of the week. Items are washed, dried, and stored between sessions but are donated at the end of the season.
  • Packing for camp includes packing clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for playing outside most of the day. We advise checking the weather forecast 1-2 days before camp.
  • Clothing should allow for free movement in activities and should cover butts, groins, and nipples with materials that are not see-through or transparent. Items brought to camp cannot feature or promote violence, nudity or suggestive images or sentiments, hate or discrimination, profanity, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, other drugs, or any illegal activities.

Things to Leave at Home:

  • Cell phones, iPods, tablets, smart watches, digital reading tablets, video games, and other related electronics. Digital and disposable cameras are welcome. 
  • Snacks/drinks other than water- the camp store is open daily for refreshments and snacks outside of meal times. If your camper has dietary restrictions and is concerned about buying snacks, please reach out to ask about our current store options.
  • Cash – all store money should be deposited in the camp store at registration 
  • Chewing gum
  • Valuable items that could be lost or damaged 
  • Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives. If your camper has a bow and would like to bring it for archery, please contact us to make arrangements. 
  • Alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, e cigarettes, vapes or related products of any kind.

What to bring:

Bed & Bath

___A fitted (twin size) bed sheet

___A flat (twin size) bed sheet

___Pillow and pillowcase

___Two or three warm blankets or a sleeping bag

___A comfort item such as a stuffed animal if your camper is used to sleeping with one

___Towels — beach and bath


___Breathable bag for dirty laundry

___Plastic garbage bag to take bedding home in so you can throw it right in the laundry.




___Socks (lots of socks)

___Bathing suits 

(Please choose a swimsuit that your camper can independently change into and out of when it is wet)

___Long pants or Jeans


___T-shirts/tank tops

___Jacket or sweatshirt

___Rain jacket or poncho


___Water bottle


___Writing paper, envelopes, stamps (pre-addressed envelopes are a great idea!)

___Books and magazines – VBYC supports summer reading!

___Pencils and pens

___Hobbies to share

___Fidget toys / tools for self regulation

___Disposable Camera / digital camera

___Glasses case, if applicable


___Tennis shoes (required) or another type of closed toe running shoe

___Sandals (with a back strap that secures sandal for running around)

___Flip flops or other shoes for the shower / beach only

Bathroom Kit

___Mesh bag or toiletry container to carry items to bathhouse


___Toothbrush & toothpaste





___Flip-flops / crocs / slides for shower

___Lip balm

___Insect repellent- a combination mosquito/tick 

___Menstrual products, if applicable


___Baseball cap / bucket hat / sun hat

___Bandanas (opt.)

___Sunglasses (opt.)

___Swim goggles (opt.)

Health and Wellness

___Prescription medicines – complete health form before arrival to camp. Turn in all meds to the Health Officer at registration. Read more here about medications at camp.

___OTC medicines, vitamins, supplements, eye/ear drops etc – turn all related items into the Health Officer at registration. 

___Pull-ups / nighttime supports- please communicate with the Health Officer at registration to ensure your camper has discrete support. 

Care Packages and the Camp Store

Suggestion: $30-$40 camp store money for a full week session. Deposit the money into your camper’s store account online or at registration.

Please do not send snack-based care packages to your camper. We do not have the space to store care packages and food is not allowed in the cabins. Please send no more than one or two snacks (nut-free) that can be consumed at the time of opening mail. 

Any snacks that contain nuts or are processed in a facility that processes nuts will be confiscated and disposed of.