• Why do you need my childs immunization record?

    For compliance reasons, we need to have your childs immunization records showing that they are up to date on all immunizations and that they have had their tetanus shot within the last 10 years. We will not accept immunization waivers for personal or philosophical reasons any more.

  • Do I have to re-type information I entered in the past?

    No. If you already have an account, you can log back in to use your information and forms for an upcoming session.  You will need to make sure the information is still up to date, make any changes and resubmit it.

  • Why do you ask for my childs photo during the application process?

    Please make sure to upload a picture of your child during the application process.  Any close up photo will do!  We do not share this photo with any one other than our staff members.  If there is a camp emergency or you call and ask us to check on your camper for you, it is important that we know who we are looking for. We want to be able to put a face with a name from the moment they come to camp. This will help your childs counselor familiarize himself/herself with your child as well as our other staff and our camp director, Dottie. Our camp nurse will also need to be able to put a face with a name before dispensing medication.  If you do not upload a photo, we will plan to take your campers photo when they arrive so that we can attach it to their file.

  • Can I donate time/money?

    Yes please! See our Donation page

    Here is our Amazon Wish List which we update regularly. https://a.co/fEkOw3U

    To Volunteer at VBYC, please contact us!

  • If I've registered in the past, how do I log back in?

    Log in right here!

  • Can you help me get in touch with other alumni?

    The best place to do that is in this Facebook Group. Or join our alumni registry and we’ll tell you about alumni events.

  • Can I serve on the Board of Directors?

  • Can I rent camp for an event?

  • I am going to be a counselor. What information is specific to me?

    We are so excited that you have chosen to be a counselor at VBYC. Thank you for loving camp and caring about kids!


  • When is camper drop off and registration for overnight camp?

    Sunday from 3 – 5 pm unless otherwise stated.

  • When is camper pickup and de-registration for overnight camp?

    Saturday at 10 am unless otherwise stated.

    Explorer campers leave Friday at 5 pm.

  • Is visiting allowed at overnight camp?

    No. To prevent homesickness, parents should not visit or call. Please do send letters, postcards, and care packages!  If you want to ensure that your letters and packages make it to camp before your camper leaves, please mail things no later than Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest. You can even drop off their first letter the day of Registration, or mail it from home on Friday (before camp) so that it will be here on Monday.

  • Are overnight camps co-ed?

    Yes.  Every camp session is co-ed.  Campers are separated by boys cabins and girls cabins.

  • What is the age range for overnight camps?

    Our camp sessions are designed for grades 1 – 12.  Each session is for a selected age group.

  • Tell me about my campers counselor.

    This person’s sole responsibility is your childs safety and fun. They are selected from our Leadership Workshop (the first week of every summer) or they have equivalent experience. They are screened through personal interviews, performance at the Leadership Workshop, previous counseling experience, and personal references. Each counselor is in charge of a cabin of eight campers of their gender. They are with their campers at classes, meals, sleeping in the cabin, planning sessions, etc. They foster unity, trust, friendship and responsibility in their cabin. They are ages 15 on up.

  • Do you take cabin-mate requests?

    No. We find that when a cabin of kids start on equal footing of being new to each other, they have a happier week and have greater growth in self confidence. There are still plenty of times throughout the day campers in different cabins can be together. For example: Morning free time, afternoon free time, store time, Thought, Evening Rec, and Campfire.  Please talk to your camper(s) about this before they arrive.  We are a tight knit camp and they will never be far away from their friends, old and new.

  • How does the store work?

    Parents may deposit spending money in their child’s store account which the camper may “charge” purchases to throughout the week. Unspent money will be refunded at the end of the week in the form of cash at de-registration. The store sells sweatshirts, hats, T-shirts, pens, postcards, candy, drinks, stuffed animals, etc.  We do not allow campers to give us cash money during the week and do not encourage them to have money in their cabins.  

    Counselors – go here to learn how the camp store works for you.  http://vbyc.org/counselors-info/

  • What about sending Care Packages?

    • You are welcome to send a care package to your camper(s). Please do not send food/snacks unless they can be consumed the moment they open their package or if it is candy they can share with their cabin at that time.  We are no longer storing packages in the camp store.  We have plenty of candy and drink options available in the store for $1 – $2.
    • For any candy you send – Absolutely NO NUTS!!!  VBYC is a peanut-free facility and we have children with peanut allergies here almost every week.  If you send candy with peanuts in it or even candy made in a peanut facility (read the back of the package, please) then we will be unable to allow your camper to eat it. Please do not send homemade treats.
  • How will I be in contact with my camper(s) during overnight camp?

    Every day we have a Horizontal Hour.  This gives all of our campers time to relax, take a nap, read or write letters home.  We have a mailbox in the Lodge where campers can put out-going mail.  This is taken to the mailbox at the entrance to camp once a day. Please show your camper how to address an envelope before you come to camp if you know they plan to send a letter.  Thank you!

    Just as we send letters home each day, we also receive a ton of mail!  This is all sorted through, alphabetized, and laid out on the windowsill on the deck of our Lodge each day. you mail also email camper mail to mail@vbyc.org.  We can print your letter and put it out as “mail” for your camper.

  • Bed-wetting

    Don’t despair! Bed-wetting is very common.  Our counselors and staff are trained on how to deal with any issues quickly and discreetly.  Here are a couple of wonderful links for you to view if you or your child are concerned about a week away at camp because of bed-wetting.



  • Homesickness

    Our counselors and staff are trained to help homesick campers adjust and from the very first day/night we go out of our way to make every one feel safe and happy.  Here are a couple of links to help you prepare for sending your child to camp.