Dear Friends of VBYC,

From Polar Bears to campfire skits, each day at Van Buren Youth Camp is filled with leadership, companionship, and fun! Our staff, volunteers, and people in our community just like you create a summer of transformation for kids in our community.

It would be so easy to drive down the road in front of camp and not realize all the magic that is taking place just a few feet away. Shy kids are becoming confident. Others are learning to stand up for fellow campers even when it isn’t comfortable to do so. Best friends are forming, and everyone is learning to be true to who they are.

Leadership Camp’s theme was to be like salmon and go your own direction, even if it is upstream.

Help us create more salmon in our streams!

Supporting VBYC can look like a lot of things, including you recommending us to a friend for enrollment or a summer job, volunteering your time to clean camp, attending our fundraising events to show your support, or even liking us on Facebook. No support is too small. We are grateful to have you as part of our community.

As we kick off our 2023 Annual Appeal, we are asking for your financial support to help keep VBYC healthy and strong and affordable and accessible for all. You, as a member of our camp community, are the reason for our success. Thank you for playing a vital role in making VBYC a magical place for so many.


Dottie Myers – Hill  Camp Director
John Tapper – Board President