Back to a traditional summer camp program in 2023

We adopted some new strategies for scheduling shower times and night time meds over the course of our summers dealing with Covid.  Those adjustments to the schedule helped us alleviate a burden on the bathhouse and develop strategies to help the Health Officer with bedtime med dispensing.  We will continue to follow some of these new strategies as well as eating outside in our Rec Area and hosting all programs and activities outside when weather cooperates. This is pure summer enjoyment in Michigan anyway.

It has been an amazing journey through all the ups and downs, reduced capacities, and extra hand washing stations.  Our own best practices with guidance from the American Camp Association, the CDC, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will help to manage any issues that arise as we continue our season opening work.

VBYC Ambassadors and their families will continue to be an integral part of how we move forward and help us to consider all facets of the program and logistics.  This is a cross generational group of campers, counselors, staff, alumni, camper parents, and board members.  Ambassadors meet once each month to discuss all things Camp.  We are currently planning Leadership and beginning to organize for our 75th Anniversary Celebration coming in 2025.  (If you are interested in being on the anniversary planning committee, please email us at for details)

All questions are welcome…

in the spirit of Camp-