Dottie Myers-Hill, Camp Director

Dottie Myers-Hill, Camp Director — Woohoo, I am super excited for 2024's camp season. This will be my 24th year on staff (with a 20 year break) and I am still learning new things every day. I love being the Camp Director although I also miss being the morning cook and the crafts instructor and buddy board supervisor. I also truly enjoy meeting each new batch of camp staff every summer - and especially exploring the foods and traditions from other countries.

Nayt Hiemstra, Assistant Director

Nayt Hiemstra, Assistant Director — Hello, I'm Nayt Hiemstra. This is my third year as Assistant Director and ninth on staff. I've been coming to camp since 1989, helping in one way or another, including creating this website. What I love about working with kids is their creativity, excitement for life and play. And I love seeing how camp helps them grow and gives them things they will use for the rest of their lives! When I'm not at camp, I'm living in Chicago making websites and art.

Hannah Powless, Assistant Director

Hannah Powless, Assistant Director — Hello friends! My name is Hannah and I am so excited to be returning to VBYC this summer. Camp is seriously the highlight of my year. I am a recent graduate of Western Michigan University where I received a BA in Gender and Women's Studies and Communication Studies. I am eager to dive back into nature and make memories with you all this summer. See you soon!

Mikaela Kenney, Riflery, Co-Head Counselor

Mikaela Kenney, Riflery, Co-Head Counselor — Riflery Instructor and Co-Head Counselor

Kiernan Dean-Hall, Waterfront Director

Kiernan Dean-Hall, Waterfront Director — Hello people! As always, I am Kiernan. This will be another great summer and I'm looking forward to it. Getting to see the joy in everyone as we play games and such with one another day in and day out is a blast. In my free time I enjoy swimming, biking, rock climbing, reading graphic novels, reading philosophy, writing philosophy, studying chemistry and physics, watching movies and TV, making short films, and teaching all the random stuff I happen to know to anyone interested. Someday I would like to get a teaching position at a small independent high school where I could be free to teach all my passions, and not just one, just like at camp! For now though, it's all about camp!

Wendy Tarantino, Office Manager

Wendy Tarantino, Office Manager — Hi! My name is Wendy and this is my 11th summer as your Office Manager at Van Buren Youth Camp. I love all the campers, the singing, the games and fun that we have out here. I also love the other staff and their commitment to your campers happiness! This has been my favorite place since I was 8 and it has barely changed at all. I LOVE IT HERE! My favorite things to do include taking photos, watching my girls play at the beach, attending (or being in!) musicals and travelling.

Betsy Antisdale, Head Cook

Betsy Antisdale, Head Cook — Head Cook

Karolina Włodarczyk, Arts & Crafts

Karolina Włodarczyk, Arts & Crafts — Hello, my name is Karolina. I live in Gdańsk, Poland and I'm a 3rd year law student at University of Gdańsk. I've been a counselor for almost four years now and being on a camp is my favourite part of every summer. I love playing board and team games and I'd love to show you some traditional polish games and activities! I'm really excited to start my adventure with Van Buren Youth Camp. Can't wait to meet you!

Kenzie Hill, Assistant Office Manager

Kenzie Hill, Assistant Office Manager — Assistant Office Manager

Mary Massopust, Kitchen

Mary Massopust, Kitchen — Hello, My name is Mary Massopust and I am working in the kitchen this summer! This is my first time at camp but I am not a stranger to the camp environment seeing as I attended a camp where I am from, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for six years. I just completed my first year studying Comparative Cultures and Politics as well as Social Relations and Public Policy at Michigan State University. I am looking forward to our summer together and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

James Kienbaum, Kayaking

James Kienbaum, Kayaking — Hey! It’s James Kienbaum, your kayak instructor for the duration of the summer. I’m more than excited to start my first year on staff after coming to camp as a counselor and camper. This year I want to focus on the importance of how intentional I can be, teaching and showing the kids how to act can only affect them in a positive way for their bright futures. I look forward to an amazing summer!

Emilio Garcia, Kitchen

Emilio Garcia, Kitchen — Kitchen

Daniela Ceglarska, Song Dance & Drama

Daniela Ceglarska, Song Dance & Drama — Hi there! My name is Danielka, I’m from Katowice, Poland. I will be spending my summer for the first time with the VYBC family. You will usually find me on the theatre scene running a music & dance class. Back home I am working in assurance, but I also enjoy volunteering on music events and festivals, which take place in my hometown. I am very excited to meet all the campers this summer!

Ethan Lasseigne, Archery

Ethan Lasseigne, Archery — Archery

Rex Siskaninetz, Riflery

Rex Siskaninetz, Riflery — Riflery

Riley Cole, Social Media

Riley Cole, Social Media — Social Media

Madelin Lapp, Song Dance & Dram

Madelin Lapp, Song Dance & Dram — Hello! My name is Madelin “Redd” Lapp! I have been going to camp since 2013 and I was a counselor for two years. I attend Butler University studying arts administration with a concentration on music.

Laura Hynes, Nature

Laura Hynes, Nature — Nature

Will Jennett, Canoeing

Will Jennett, Canoeing — Hello everyone! My name is Will and I’m from the UK. This summer will be my first as a member of the Van Buren Youth Camp family! During the off-season, I am a student at the University of Kent, Canterbury, studying for a degree in Accounting & Finance!

Andrew Knight, Kitchen

Andrew Knight, Kitchen

Anna Szczesniak, Lifeguard

Anna Szczesniak, Lifeguard — Lifeguard