Dottie Myers-Hill, Camp Director

Dottie Myers-Hill, Camp Director — Hello there goobers and grownups! My name is Dottie and I am your Camp Director at VBYC. This is my 22nd summer working at Camp and I love my job so much...I used to tell people that being on staff was so fun, I felt guilty accepting a paycheck. I have worked with a bunch of different camp generations and consider myself lucky enough to have met many founding family members in my days here. I credit them with giving me the Camp spirit and the inspiration to come back and keep their original vision for the program alive so many years later. I feel very lucky to work with the young people in these photos...they teach me things every day and I am extremely grateful that they allow me to lead them and VBYC into the future. I have one "kid" in college, one a new teacher, a husband and three cats at home. In addition to my family, Camp fills my soul and keeps me grounded. Thank you for trusting me, and our staff, to look after your children...happy camping! :)

Wendy Tarantino, Office Manager

Wendy Tarantino, Office Manager — Hi! My name is Wendy and this is my 11th summer as your Office Manager at Van Buren Youth Camp. I love all the campers, the singing, the games and fun that we have out here. I also love the other staff and their commitment to your campers happiness! This has been my favorite place since I was 8 and it has barely changed at all. I LOVE IT HERE! My favorite things to do include taking photos, watching my girls play at the beach, attending (or being in!) musicals and travelling.