Dottie Myers-Hill

Greetings Camper Families!!!

I am proud to be back as your Camp Director in 2020.  This is officially my 20th summer working in this beautiful place.  We are so excited to be offering a Day Camp program instead of closing down completely this summer.  Although there are challenges to face in the weeks and months ahead with program changes, restrictions, and Covid-19 specific procedures…we hope to share as many true camp experiences during Day Camp as we can.

In our 70th season, we hope to continue our focus on building relationships, making new friends, listening to and learning from one another as we create the Camp magic that is the signature ingredient in any successful Camp program.  As we work to keep campers, staff, and counselors safe, it has certainly intensified our desire to have a successful but unusual season together.

My history with VBYC started as a high school student at Leadership in 1980. I have been a camper, counselor, staff member, Head Counselor, Morning Cook, Assistant Director and Director in my first 12 years out here. Since then, I have been mostly in Restaurant Management where my love for learning was encouraged every day. I also have served on the VBYC Board of Directors for most of the 20 years I was away. I live in Kalamazoo with my husband Brian, our cats Rory (aka Freaky), Bandit, and Chase. We also have a bunny named Juno who spends his summer at VBYC! My son, Zak, now lives in Chicago where he will be completing his Certification year to begin to teach K-12.  After he completes his first summer on staff as my Assistant Director.  My daughter, Kenzie, is at U of M, in the STAMPS School of Art and Design.  My kids  have both been campers here since they were little and have gone through the counselor training program as well.

I look forward to working and learning together with a truly talented group of young people who let me lead and support them in every way.  Your kids are lucky that they are so committed to VBYC and all it stands for.  We have a rocky road ahead, and I feel incredibly lucky to be on that road with them.

Hope to see you this summer!